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Samsung CP20CV

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Samsung CP20CV | 7 March, 2022

Does anyone have a schematic manual of Samsung CP20CV because we have problem with the vaccum and airkiss. I did buy the card I-F Board.


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Samsung CP20CV | 11 March, 2022

Hi Ricardo, If you want, I can scan for you the CP20CV manual....

I can send you via we-transfer

I have : - Operations manual (337 pages) - Reference manual (141 pages) - Tape feeder manual (127 pages) - Technical drawing/Electric Schematic (154 pages)

Our machine is a CP20CV with software CP-CV MMI version 2.220 CP-20CV VME version 5.227 CP-20CV Vision MMI Version 6.500 Optimizer version : 5.050

we are looking for the installation CD or a download link of the installation, because we have a problem with the hard disk. Have you it ?

Best regards Gibs

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Samsung CP20CV | 16 May, 2022


Please send me a copy of the manual of the Samsung CP20CV and I send the link to downloading the software.

Is a imagen of the software.

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Samsung CP20CV | 16 June, 2022

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