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Q on Yamaha P-tools

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Q on Yamaha P-tools | 15 March, 2022

Hi. New to P-tools for Yamaha YV88X use. Just created the line1 -> machine1 details -> appear to be able to create fresh board data but doing so manually.

Is it possible to import in VIOS text formatted CAD data into this tool ?

That is, import in the CAD2CAD exported file so that we can review and modify as needed inside of P-tools ? Unable to locate any import function as of this writing.

Did try to import the VIOS formatted files from Synergy (ie. ATMEL demo project) but P-tools does not appear to recognize the file for importing.

A fresh board created using this tool can be loaded and is linked to the selected machine (YV88X).


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Q on Yamaha P-tools | 16 March, 2022

I haven't used this software in a while. There is a way to tell the software what type of files it shows in the board explorer. You would have to move the VIOS text file into the machine folder.

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Q on Yamaha P-tools | 21 March, 2022

Bill - thank you SO much for your reply. My apologies for not updating this thread earlier.

Your suggestion was perhaps the only permutation that we did not do and that was to drop the vios formatted file into the machine folder.

After we took the cad-2-cad generated vios file, the P-tools saw the file and made an attempt to load it -> then would crash everytime.

Not to give up, started to experiment with the markers inside the vios text file. The hack was to remove the MARK fields inside the file. After this, saw the component layout in the GUI PCB view with proper references.

Still work in progress but after this 'import' -> was able to manually add the MARK fudicial which was then appended to this VIOS file in a different format but the benefit here is that the revised target file no longer crashes during load.

Will update this thread as we progress.

Also the author of Synergy reached out - many thanks! Will PM you soon but wish to attempt the same process as above from the sample ATMEL PCB file to see if the vios file can load.

Thanks again!

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Q on Yamaha P-tools | 28 March, 2022

You can contact me to learn together, I think PTOOL is still quite experienced.

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Q on Yamaha P-tools | 9 June, 2022


I would like to give some advice, I hope it will be useful.

I recommend that you use the .ygx file format to work correctly with P-Tool. After all necessary manipulations, convert, if necessary, back to VIOS.

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