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Quad QCR 942

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Quad QCR 942 | 23 June, 2022

Does anyone have any insight/experience with the Quad QCR942 reflow oven ? We've been offered one at a bargain price but are apprehensive about it being listed as only a 4 zone system.


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Quad QCR 942 | 23 June, 2022

This machine is very old but its a good machine. Problem is....if you need parts....good luck.

The oven division that quad purchased who owned that company has been out of business for at least 15 years.

Good luck, Bob

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Quad QCR 942 | 28 June, 2022

Thanks Bob, parts was my main concern with it as I was struggling to identify where spares come from. It's a working unit at the moment but the more I learn the more we're leaning to getting something else instead.

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