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Fuji IP3 MTU carrier is dropping parts

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Fuji IP3 MTU carrier is dropping parts | 1 July, 2022

Hello !

I got very strange problem with Fuji IP3 (year 2000 something)

MTU picks up the part and puts it on carrier conveyor Conveyor moves the part into main machine.

All the positions are correct, centers etc..

But now, the main machine pick the part from conveyor and drops it after about 0.5 seconds. It literally close vacuum, I can see it from the vacuum valve LED. The same nozzle is being used on other parts, which are heavier, but these are in normal roll feeders. No problem at all. But if you take the part from tray, nozzle will drop it. Its 100% software or settings problem but I havent found out why and what the hell....

Please help !

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Fuji IP3 MTU carrier is dropping parts | 4 July, 2022

is it a specific part you're having the problem with, or does the fault manifest on a number of different ones ?

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Fuji IP3 MTU carrier is dropping parts | 4 July, 2022

Actually its one part. I had an idea to test some completely different, pre-defined component which has been placed on that machine before.

Do You suspect there is a diabolical shape parameter somewhere ? :)

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Fuji IP3 MTU carrier is dropping parts | 5 July, 2022

Possibly, yeah. Or the wrong sized nozzle ( or chipped or blocked )

We have problems occasionally with larger components and vacuum levels. If the component has a makers 'circular void' on the pick up surface then the actual pick coordinates have to take this into account to get a good vacuum level. So that or something like a distorted /damaged feeder tape are pretty much all I can think of right now that would cause such misery on one component

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Fuji IP3 MTU carrier is dropping parts | 5 July, 2022

The problem is that..

1) it always drops at the same location and the vacuum led shows that machine indeed turns the vacuum off !

2) the same nozzle picks up much heavier components from other feeders without problems

3) the MTU component - i turned suction on and tried manually, the nozzle holds it REALLY strong

So, the problem is somewhere in software configuration. Machine hates the component and just turns off the suction during transport...

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Fuji IP3 MTU carrier is dropping parts | 5 July, 2022

When these old Fuji's do weird things I usually try a reset start. Many times that fixes the issue. Make sure you have a valid proper file before you try it.


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Fuji IP3 MTU carrier is dropping parts | 5 July, 2022


I messed with parameters, then started to check hardware again. and....

There are 2 transport position on the carrier

1) vacuum 2) mech clamp

Both have fiber position sensor which shows the status

When there is component, the sensor should lit. No component, no light.

My sensors were badly adjusted. They should show red at about 1mm distance and at 0mm they should show additionally green. I adjusted one position, all ok Other position did not adjust. Fiber end was broken

Replaced fiber, cleaned fiber ends, all sensor work OK

Also, the hold down clamp works very strange. When there is thick lubricant, it first goes DOWN then rotates. And it will mess with the suction bad AND wipe away the component. Little bit of PTFE spray did wonders.

Conclusion: when sensors work erraticaly, the MTU does not know if there is component or not and main machine also behaves stupidly, it tries to pick, thinks there was no component etc etc.

So, all is OK now :)

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