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USI manufactures high-performance spray coating equipment based on patented, nozzle-less ultrasonic spray head technology. »»

Headquarters: Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA

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Spray Coating

The Prism Ultra-Coat is a line of programmable spray coating systems designed for the application of a wide variety of conformal coating, semiconductor coating, fuel cell coating, medical coating and solar cell coating. The Prism spray coating systems feature USI's patented nozzle-free ultras...

Spray Coating

Coating Equipment

Spray Fluxing Systems

USI has developed the highest performing spray fluxing systems in the industry. Utilizing patented nozzle-free ultrasonic spray technology and electronically synchronized traversing mechanisms, USI spray fluxing systems deliver unmatched control over flux deposition and through-hole penetration....

Spray Fluxing Systems

SMT feeders

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