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MS20 Stencil Printers

Mechatronika MS10A stencil printer enables manual application of solder paste to PCB via metal stencil. Solid machanical construction ensures a constantly high printing quality even for fine pitch technology. Four axes independent movements of printing table gives q...

MS20 Stencil Printers


MR10 Reflow Ovens

Mechatronika MR10 is a fully programmable far infra red oven, suitable for reflow soldering as well as glue heat drying. Soldering sections are controlled by a microprocessor, that also enables the storage of up to sixteen parametrized temperature profiles. Ease of ...

MR10 Reflow Ovens


Glue and Paste Dispensing Systems - MD40

Mechatronika's MD40 Liquid Dispensing System is a versatile automatic machine for dispensing solder paste, glue or virtually any viscous substances. MD40 combines mechanical accuracy with high quality pattern recognition system built into easy to use and powerfu...

Glue and Paste Dispensing Systems - MD40


M50 - Pick and Place System

Mechatronika's M50 Pick and Place System is a versatile automatic machine for placing SMD components from 0402 to 35 x 35 mm. Matured, high quality rigid construction, ease to program and excellent price to performance ratio make M50 perfectly suited for small a...

M50 - Pick and Place System

Pick & Place

Large PCB Dispensing System

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