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Surface Mount Epoxy 4044

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Surface Mount Epoxy 4044

Surface Mount Epoxy 4044


Surface Mount Epoxy 4044



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AIM Solder


Surface Mount Epoxy 4044 Description:

Epoxy 4044 is a single component, epoxy adhesive used for bonding SMT components to a PWB for double sided reflow or wave solder assembly. Epoxy 4044 has a formulated tolerance to shear-thinning, a dot formation suitable for automated dispense equipment or positive displacement pump systems, and quick cure properties when exposed to heat. Viscosity and surface tension of Epoxy 4044 are adequate for use with high speed placement equipment.

Surface Mount Epoxy 4044 Features:

  • For Printing and Dispensing Applications
  • One Part Epoxy
  • Good For High Speed Placement Equipment
  • Fast Curing
  • Non-Stringing Formula
  • High Shear Strength


  • Epoxy 4044 is delivered ready to use, and is available in syringes, cartridges, and jars.
  • Epoxy 4044 may be applied with pressurized air, hand operated, or automated dispensing equipment, as well as positive displacement systems. Machine parameters should be optimized accordingly.
  • For screening applications, clean screen or stencil and apply epoxy to screen in the same manner as solder paste.
  • Adhesive dispense quality depends upon dispense pressure, time, nozzle size, and temperature.
  • Bond strength will vary depending on component type, adhesive dot size, cure and type of solder mask or photo resist.

Physical Properties:


Thick Liquid


Aromatic (slightly)




300-500 kcps (relative to production batch)

Specific Gravity

1.13 (water = 1)

Flash Point


Boiling Point



Uncured adhesive may be removed from the PCB with IPA. Cured epoxy or removal of components bonded with Epoxy 4044 may be facilitated with the addition of heat from a heat gun or a hot air jet. A temperature of approximately 120°C should be adequate.

Handling and Storage:

  • This material has an unrefrigerated shelf life of 6 months.
  • Clean dispensing nozzles thoroughly after each use. Avoid leaving adhesive in nozzles for extended periods of time.
  • Keep container sealed when not in use. Care should be taken not to allow product contamination or air entrapment when transferring to, or storing in, other containers.
  • Do not mix new and used adhesive in the same container.

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