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SAC305 Lead-Free Solder Alloy

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AIM is a leading global manufacturer of tin-lead and lead-free solder assembly materials for the electronics industry.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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 SAC305 Lead-Free Solder Alloy

 SAC305 Lead-Free Solder Alloy


SAC305 Lead-Free Solder Alloy


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SAC305 Lead-Free Solder Alloy Description:

SAC305 is a lead-free alloy that contains 96.5 % tin, 3% silver, and 0.5% copper. This alloy falls under the JEIDA recommendation for lead-free soldering. When used in wave soldering, AIM’s SAC305 bar solder offers far superior fluidity as compared to other alloys and makes of bar, resulting in excellent flow. AIM’s SAC305 bar solder also produces less dross than other bar solder, wets well, provides superior joint strength, and offers superior copper dissolution rates. AIM’s SAC305 bar solder is alloyed in the proprietary Electropure™ method that results in a low drossing, high wetting solder. The Electropure process reduces suspended oxides in the solder, thus reducing drossing, improving flow and reducing bridging during soldering. SAC305 may be used with most existing equipment, processes, coatings, and flux chemistries.

  • Lowest Cost Sn/Ag/Cu Alloy
  • Excellent Fatigue Resistance
  • Compatible with all Flux Types
  • Excellent Solder Joint Reliability
  • Best Wetting Sn/Ag/Cu Alloy

AIM Solder provides high-quality solder alloys to the electronics industry. AIM Electropure™ Bar Solder Alloys are processed from virgin metals in a proprietary method that removes contaminants and reduces dissolved oxides to a minimum. The result of this is an extremely pure, low drossing solder bar that increases throughput and decreases defects.

AIM's Solder Alloys:

  • SN63/PB37 - Electropure Bar
  • SAC305  - Lead-Free Solder Alloy
  • SN100C - Lead-Free Solder Alloy
  • High Melting Point Solder Alloys
  • Other Alloys

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