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Pioneer develops custom turnkey die-cutting systems consisting of both dies and presses for a variety of industries and applications.


Order Specimen Dies to Any Specification Online

Pioneer-Dietecs offers a complete line of specimen dies to meet every specification -ASTM, JIS, ISO and DIN. With over 50 years of experience machining dies, specimen dies are our specialty. Our close tolerances far exceed ASTM specifications for enhanced sharpness and long die life. Pioneer-Dietecs manufactures specimen cutting dies for every specification, including custom dies and stainless steel dies for biomed applications. Visit the Pioneer-Dietecs Specimen Die Store to order. Choose from our list of common die types, or request a quote for a custom specification.

Pioneer-Dietecs products fall into four distinct categories:

Depaneling Systems - Cost-effective, stress-free press-based PCBA depaneling systems for singulating both tab-routed and v-scored circuit boards.

ASTM Specimen Cutting Dies - Dies engineered precisely to ASTM standards for every specification including ISO, DIN and JIS. Visit the Pioneer-Dietecs Specimen Die Store at www. to order specimen dies, accessories and toggle presses online.

CNC Manufactured Cutting Dies - CNC cutting dies including laser steel rule, solid-milled, forged, mated male/female, and clicker die systems.

Die-Cutting Presses - Custom pneumatic presses with air-logic for semi-automatic cycle of the die ram, presses specifically built for die-cutting in a cleanroom, and manual toggle presses.

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PCBA Depaneling Systems

PCBA Depaneling Systems for Close Tolerance Singulating Pioneer-Dietecs Corporation offers a complete line of press-based depaneling systems for close tolerance singulating of printed circuit boards. Pioneer presses feature unique...


PCBA Depaneling Systems

Specimen Dies

Dies to Any Specification - ASTM, JIS, ISO and DIN Pioneer-Dietecs makes dies to any specification - ASTM, DIN, JIS and ISO. To order, select from our list of common die types or search by specification. If you don't see what y...


Specimen Dies
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