C200 Pneumatic Crimp Tool

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C200 Pneumatic Crimp Tool

C200 Pneumatic Crimp Tool


C200 Pneumatic Crimp Tool


Cable & Wire Harness Equipment

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FKN Systek

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C200 Pneumatic Crimp Tool Description:

Low Cost Table Top Crimp Machine.

The C 200 is a table top low cost crimp tool which takes a variety of dies from different manufacturers. Air operated using standard factory air (5 bar min), with a pressing capacity of up to 1,200 kp, this portable device allows easy and convenient change of tools and set up for different crimp contacts.

Die Sets are available for open barrels, wire end sleeves or insulated parts. Contacts to be crimped are placed onto a star shaped positioning leaf and rotated into place between the top and bottom crimp die sets. The positioning cross is available in 3 versions, for 6.3, 4.8 and 2.8 mm wide terminals.

For more versatile crimp contact positioning, an optional slide table is available. This allows the operator to place crimp contact and wire into position in front of the crimp dies, and subsequently move the assembly between the two dies for crimping.

Operation of the tool is easy. Simply place the crimp contact onto the positioning star and with the left hand rotate the crimp housing in place between the upper and lower die sets. With the right hand place the wire to be crimped into the housing of the contact and step on the foot pedal.

Set-up for different die sets is quick and convenient. After the correct die set has been fixed in place, the screws on the positioning block are loosened so that exact adjustment to the position of the contact to the correct die slot is set. Once the positioning block has been adjusted, the set screws are tightened and the machine is ready for operation.


  • Crimps wire from 2 to 34 AWG.
  • Press in force 1200 kp at 6 bar.
  • Simple Tool Change.
  • Foot pedal actuated.
  • Size: HWD 9x5x9.5" (228x127x 241mm)
  • Weight 28 lbs (13 kg).
  • Power: 100 PSI Factory Air
  • Easily Transportable.

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