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PACE TF 2800 BGA/SMD Rework System for Extra Large Boards

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A recognized developer of solutions for the assembly & repair of highly advanced electronics. PACE provides products/training for the soldering, rework & repair of pcb's, specializing in BGA rework, desoldering & fume extraction.

Vass, North Carolina, USA

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PACE TF 2800 BGA/SMD Rework System for Extra Large Boards

PACE TF 2800 BGA/SMD Rework System for Extra Large Boards


PACE TF 2800 BGA/SMD Rework System for Extra Large Boards


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PACE TF 2800 BGA/SMD Rework System for Extra Large Boards Description:

Patented Inductive-Convection Heating Technology Provides Ultimate Thermal Performance

Conventional resistance coil heating technology has been successfully used in convective rework stations for decades to install
and remove a variety of BGA, QFN, CSP, CGA, PoP, Flip Chip, 0201 and other bottom terminated components. However, today’s
extremely high thermal mass boards, ultra-fine pitch components and challenging production rework environments demand
greater process control, thermal performance and faster throughput than ever before. Enter PACE’s TF 2800 BGA/SMD Rework
With its ground-breaking, patented Inductive-Convection Heating Technology, the TF 2800’s top-side heater reaches
the target temperature in just seconds for safe, rapid solder joint reflow in virtually any component installation or removal application.

TF 2800 BGA Rework Station for Large PCBs

How Inductive-Convection Heating Works

The TF 2800’s  Inductive-Convection Heating Technology provides ultimate thermal performance by its ability to instantly heat up
and cool down the temperature of the air it delivers to the work.

PACE Patent-Pending Inductive-Convection Heater Technology

1.) The air is first pre-heated in the outer heater chamber as it moves in a cyclonic fashion around the induction coil before it enters
the inner chamber.  2.) After entering the inner chamber, the pre-heated air is then heated to target temperature through a highly
efficient heat transfer process in an energized induction field. 3.) During active cooling, the induction coil is de-energized and the
TF 2800 delivers fast, controlled, active cooling of the component and PCB directly through the nozzle, eliminating the risk of
excessive intermetallic growth and yielding the highest quality solder joints.

Powerful, Energy Efficient Performance

The TF 2800’s Inductive-Convection Heating Technology delivers all the power you need to tackle the most challenging high thermal
mass PCBs available today. Yet, its highly-efficient design does it with just a fraction of the power required by yesterday’s conventional
heating technology.

Advanced Features

TF 2800 BGA Rework Station for Extra Large PCBs

  • For Extra Large PCB's: Handles boards up to 610mm x 610mm (24' x 24").
  • Ultra-High Precision Placement Capability: Newly designed motorized reflow head is driven by an advanced stepper
    motor system which provides smooth, high precision, repeatable movement with no drift, allowing for soft landing of
    components and 28µm (.0011") placement accuracy.
  • High Sensitivity Vacuum Pick Assembly: New Vacuum Pick design is more robust, utilizes an optical sensor, is
    counterweight balanced, and uses precision high temperature linear ball bearings for the highest sensitivity in placement
    and pick-up. Includes 7 Vacuum Picks.
  • PACE Exclusive Height Adjustable Bottom-Side Preheater: An array of 7 independently controlled, high powered IR
    emitters respond to high mass assemblies faster with 1900W of power. Preheater height is adjustable from standard
    position up to 38mm (1.5") closer to the PCB for the most challenging high thermal mass boards.
  • Board Support Capability: An innovative Board Support Beam prevents warping or sagging during reflow, is extremely
    adjustable to clear parts on the bottom of PCB, and is easily removed when not in use.
  • High-Definition Optical Alignment System: An automated Vision Overlay System uses a beam-splitting prism for
    simultaneous view of PCB pads and balls, high intensity LEDs for shadow-free lighting, and new high definition 1080p
    camera to easily align any component.
  • Crisp & Clear Images for Component Alignment: A high definition Vision Overlay System uses bright white LEDs with
    independent intensity control and up to 240x zoom capability to provide precise distinction of pads and solder ball or leads.
  • Quad-Field Imaging for Large/Fine Pitch BGA's: Quad-Field Imaging allows up to four corners of a large component (and its
    pads) to be viewed under high magnification, providing perfect alignment of outsized BGAs or fine-pitch QFPs.
  • Fourth Generation Software Suite: Newly designed Windows-based software provides a simple graphical interface with
    intuitive set-up and profiling, on-the-fly profile adjustment, unlimited profile storage and much more.
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER - 5 Free Heat Focusing Nozzles: For a limited time, we will provide 5 Nozzles free of charge with
    the purchase of each TF 2800 System, a value of over $1,700/£1,350/€1,660! Over 90 standard nozzles are optionally available
    for BGA, CSP, QFP, SO, QFN and other components. Custom designs can be created to meet specific rework requirements.
  • Proudly Made in the USA.

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