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CableCoiler 4000 - Coiling Machine

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Schleuniger, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wire processing equipment. Our innovative automatic and semi-automatic machines are designed to cut, strip, crimp and mark all types of wire and cable.

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CableCoiler 4000 - Coiling Machine

CableCoiler 4000 - Coiling Machine


CableCoiler 4000 - Coiling Machine


Cable & Wire Harness Equipment

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Schleuniger, Inc.

CableCoiler 4000 - Coiling Machine Description:


The CableCoiler 4000 is a motorized heavy-duty cable coiling machine designed to interface with the MegaStrip 9600. It coils cable up to an inner diameter of 600 mm (23.6") and handles cable coils weighing up to 80 kg (178 lbs.)

Processing Capabilities

  • Power and Multi-conductor Cables with Round Cross Sections
  • Coiling
  • Heavy Duty Processing

Application Range

The CableCoiler 4000 is a motorized cable coiling system which coils the cable as it exits a cut and strip machine. It can handle a wide range of cable diameters such as those that are processed on the Schleuniger cut- and strip machine. Thanks to its flexibility, the easy programming and ergonomic handling, the CableCoiler 4000 is a perfect solution to improve the production rate as well as efficiency in a production line.


  • Seamless integration, matching the coiling action to the cable transport (start / stop / forwards / backwards)
  • Easy, menu-driven programming of the coiling parameters
  • Optimal, ergonomic handling of coils up to 80 kg (176 Ibs.)
  • Complete system with safety equipment and 4 lockable casters


  • Transformer for 110 VAC or 115 VAC operation
  • Special feeding pipe on request


The CableCoiler 4000 operates in a fully synchronized mode cut and strip machine. The geometry of the coil is programmable. The CableCoiler 4000 coils the cable synchronously to the feeding velocity. After the coiling process, the coiler pins retract and the safety cover opens. The coiled cable can be easily unloaded from the machine.

Programmable Parameters

  • Inner and outer diameter of the coil
  • Pitch of the coil

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