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Mercury-4 Laser Wire Stripper

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Schleuniger, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wire processing equipment. Our innovative automatic and semi-automatic machines are designed to cut, strip, crimp and mark all types of wire and cable.

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA


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Mercury-4 Laser Wire Stripper

Mercury-4 Laser Wire Stripper


Mercury-4 Laser Wire Stripper


Cable & Wire Harness Equipment

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Schleuniger, Inc.

Mercury-4 Laser Wire Stripper Description:


The Mercury-4 strips wires and cables ranging in size from 0.0010 to 16 mm2 (50 to 6 AWG). Using the color touchscreen, the operator selects the desired stripping parameters from the programmed library and all parameters (strip lengths, laser power and speed, etc.) are automatically set. Once the operator selects the required program, the machine is ready for operation. The Mercury-4 can strip cables inserted into the supplied fixture aperture to an end stop, or via a custom fixture plate. A camera allows the whole process to be monitored.

  • High quality, nick-free stripping
  • Strips all polymer materials and colors
  • Non-contact – no wear parts
  • 0.0010 to 16 mm2 (50 to 6 AWG)
  • Powerful and flexible processing capabilities
  • 20 watt CO2 Laser

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