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EKRA XACT 4 - Compact Screen & Stencil Printer

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ASYS is an international company that specializes in the manufacturing of screen printers, process machines, handling systems and special machines used in the electronic and solar industries.

Suwanee, Georgia, USA


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EKRA XACT 4 - Compact Screen & Stencil Printer

EKRA XACT 4 - Compact Screen & Stencil Printer


EKRA XACT 4 - Compact Screen & Stencil Printer



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ASYS Group

EKRA XACT 4 - Compact Screen & Stencil Printer Description:

The XACT 4 automatic screen and stencil printer is specially designed to perform any kind of production demands within the electronic industry, and therefore paying special attention to its universal usage. The XACT 4 features the exceptional EKRA ease of use and fl exibility which are unmatched. The XACT 4 can be used for the application of solder paste and / or glue onto PCBs, ceramics or glass substrates up to a size of 508 x 508 mm (20 x 20 inches). The well known standard EKRA screen and stencil holder has a fl exible design which allows it to be used with all common stencils / screens up to 740 mm (29 inches) without use of an additional adapter. Quick clamping adapter systems of various manufacturers can easily be integrated.

The patented optical positioning system EVA™ (EKRA Vision Alignment System) features 2 high resolution cameras with “Look-up + Look-down” technology for reliable recognition of low contrast fi ducials and surfaces. Due to the closed-loop regulation of the dual squeegee print head, the print pressure stays constant throughout the complete printing process and is independent of the PCB characteristics and the print parameters. The optionally available market leading automatic 2½ D™- Inspection (post print inspection) verifi es the position and quality of the glue or solder deposit, and – compared to simple 2D systems - a qualifi ed feedback on the printed volume of the pad and potential height deviations. Furthermore the EKRA 2½ D™- Option is as well used on shortcircuts (bridging), smearing and aperture stencil bottom side clogging control.

A further common option is the programmable, automatic stencil cleaning system, which will ensure quick and effi cient cleaning results of the bottom side of the stencil whenever a cleaning cycle is necessary and can be automatically activated by the 2½ D™- Option.


  • "German Design", with high quality welded steel frame for maximum stability and stiffness.
  • Alignment repeatability: ± 12.5μm @ 6 Sigma
  • Cycle time: 10 s + print
  • Printing area up to 508 x 508 mm (20 x 20 inches)
  • Patented optical positioning system EVA™ - EKRA Vision Alignment System.
  • 2 independent pneumatic driven print heads with precision proportional valves with closed-loop control
  • Flexible screen and stencil holder for all common screen / stencil sizes up to 740 mm(29 inches) without additional adapter.
  • Simple inspection programming using an automatic teach-in process for the pad positions. Gerber or CAD data are not required.
  • Simple operation of the print system with easy to use Microsoft Windows based software.
  • Quickest product changeover in 3 min.

Available options

  • 2½D™ - Inspection (12 x 9 mm FoV; 15μm/pixel)
  • 2½D™ PLUS - Inspection (20 x 16 mm FoV 15μm/pixel)
  • Automatic stencil cleaning
  • Others on request

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