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Engineering and fabrication leader of in-circuit and functional test fixtures for boards,modules and assembled products. Turnkey test programming services for GR228x platform,focusing on the technology to increase testability,dec

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Circuit Check is the largest manufacturer of in-circuit, functional and custom test fixtures and related products for automatic test equipment (ATE) in the USA. Since 1978, manufacturers have relied on us, not only for test fixtures, but also for the innovative engineering that leads to successful new product development.

We have the largest engineering staff in the industry. Customers benefit from our depth of engineering experience and our willingness to pioneer new technologies on their behalf.

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In-Circuit Test Fixtures

The top Automated Test Equipment manufacturers count on Circuit Check. We fabricate and customize in-circuit fixtures for testers made by Keysight Technologies, GenRad, Teradyne and others. Customers know they can come to...

Test Equipment

In-Circuit Test Fixtures

Functional and Custom Test Fixtures

Our experienced engineers will design an electro/mechanical solution to interface between your product and your test instruments. Circuit Check develops hot mock-up and custom stand-alone functional tests for circuit cards, backplane boards and card...

Functional and Custom Test Fixtures

Programming Services

Trust our Test Engineering Department-with nearly 50 years of test programming experience-to provide a turnkey solution for your GenRad Testers. We can provide the test program, test fixture and installation in one seamless operation. T...

Programming Services

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Introduction to Automated Test Fixtures

May 02, 2022 | Circuit Check

Testing of electronic assemblies involves three elements: the device under test, test equipment, and fixturing to make the connections between them. The challenge for a test engineer building a sophisticated test system is that instrumentation may need to measure thousands of test points through the mechanical interconnect....

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Test Fixture Companies Join Forces

Feb 07, 2003 | Circuit Check Inc. has Announced the Acquisition of Southwest Test Inc.

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