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DEK Stinger - Onboard Dispense Module

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ASM Assembly Systems (DEK)

The ASM SMT Solutions segment is made up of SMT Printing Solutions (DEK) and SMT Placement Solutions (SIPLACE). Under the DEK brand, it sells best-in-class printing solutions for the electronics and solar industries.

Suwanee, Georgia, USA


  • Phone +1 770 797-3000

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DEK Stinger - Onboard Dispense Module

DEK Stinger - Onboard Dispense Module


DEK Stinger - Onboard Dispense Module



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ASM Assembly Systems (DEK)

DEK Stinger - Onboard Dispense Module Description:

Stinger is a low volume dispense module attached to the camera carriage of a standard DEK printer (as an optional extra). It is not designed to replace a regular dispenser but to provide dual functionality to the print platform for customers who require a number of glue dots to be dispensed on a mixed technology board for example.

Stinger dramatically enhances machine capability by enabling a dispensing process on board the printing system – saving valuable floor space and reducing equipment costs for maximum return on investment.

Integrated into the screen printer alongside the machine’s vision system, Stinger operates just as an in-line dispenser would. Once the PCB is screen printed, it is lowered down to vision height where Stinger accurately dispenses adhesive. Featuring innovative patented technology such as the innovative consumable auger system, the module enables rapid product change and replenishment without system cleaning to eliminate production errors and streamline dispensing performance.


  • Uses industry-standard 10cc adhesive cartridges
  • Available as an option on new screen printing platforms or retrofittable on most Instinctiv™ V9-compatible platforms
  • Typical cartridge replacement time – one min
  • Compatible with most dispensing adhesives
  • Services: Internally supplied 24 Volts and two bar air pressure
  • Cartridge/Syringe: 10cc EFD style; Nozzles 21/22/23 gauge (ID 0.51mm, 0.41mm and 0.33mm respectively)
  • One second per site, dispense only. (Laser correction will carry some time overhead)
  • Programmable sites max 1000
  • Board warpage Max + - 1mm


  • High-accuracy dispensing enabled by patented consumable auger valve system
  • Dispenses adhesive dots in a pre-programmed pattern after printing
  • Rapid product changeover and replenishment without system cleaning minimises manual intervention
  • Dual functionality ideal for mixed technology PCBs
  • Fast and simple set-up with advanced Instinctiv™ V9 machine user interface
  • Extensive programmable set-up options at product file, site and machine level for increased production possibilities
  • Capacitance sensor monitors material level

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