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CYBERSOLV C8882 Understencil Wipe-Stencil Cleaning Solvent

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Southwest Systems sells capital equipment & materials for the electronic & semiconductor manufacturing industries. We cover Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mexico except for the states of Sonora & N/S Baja California.

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CYBERSOLV C8882 Understencil Wipe-Stencil Cleaning Solvent

CYBERSOLV C8882 Understencil Wipe-Stencil Cleaning Solvent


CYBERSOLV C8882 Understencil Wipe-Stencil Cleaning Solvent


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Southwest Systems Technology

CYBERSOLV C8882 Understencil Wipe-Stencil Cleaning Solvent Description:

CYBERSOLV C8882 is a solvent-based stencil cleaning fluid specifically designed to clean solder paste, uncured SMT adhesive and flux residue from stencils, mis-printed PCBs, stencil tools and printing squeegees. C8882 can be used in automated understencil wipe processes, hand-wipe, and ultrasonic cleaning systems as well as spray systems designed for solvent.

CYBERSOLV C8882 has a mild solvent odor, quickly dissolves all flux constituents within the solder paste and will not adversely affect stencils that have been nano-coated. C8882 has been proven compatible with all wetted components in automated understencil wipe systems and approved for use by several printer manufactures’. CYBERSOLV C8882 is fast drying without leaving behind any residue.



Typical Process

  • Process: Understencil, Hand-held Ultrasonic Cleaner & Manual
  • Concentration: 100%
  • Temperature: Ambient
  • Rinse: Optional
  • Dry: Air


  • pH (10g/L): N/A (Solvent-Based)
  • Flash Point: 142 °F / 61 °C
  • Boiling Point: 270°F / 132°C
  • Water Soluble: Partial
  • VOC, @ 100% 875.6 g/L

CYBERSOLV products are specially formulated for superior performance in benchtop, stencil and maintenance cleaning. Whether for rework, oven cleaning or stencil cleaning CYBERSOLV will outperform anything in its class.

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