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Formosa Bumping Solder Paste

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SHENMAO Technology, Inc. supplier of Pb/Pb-free Solder Pastes, Solder Wire, Solder Bar, Flux, BGA Sphere, Bumping Paste/Flux, PCB Plating Anode, PV Ribbon Electronics Assembly Materials, for over 44 years from 10 world locations.

TaoYuan County, Taiwan


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Formosa Bumping Solder Paste

Formosa Bumping Solder Paste


Formosa Bumping Solder Paste


Solder Materials

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Shenmao Technology Inc.

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Bumping Solder Paste aims to decrease current issue of too much voids in the IC Packaging Manufactures. Our applications engineers of SMMI focus on developing the lower Void, <100000ppm, of formula. It’s approved by our customers that can decrease void happened and optimizes the performance of manufacturing process. Our Bumping Solder Paste was well-developed to have 6 month shelf life and can be storage just less than 10 degree C.

Bumping Solder Paste

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