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One of the UK's largest and most well known supplier to the electronics industry, with a complete portfolio of equipment ranging from the well known Ersa Soldering Iron to Yamaha i pulse M1 Pick and place machine.Service is second

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BGA Rework

Industries most advanced closed loop rework station available. Using highly reliable precise and unique IR heating systems the IR500A and IR550A have set themselves apart from other rework stations by being able to simply remove and replace component...

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System Automates Conformal Coating for PCBs

Jul 10, 2003 | The PVA 750 is a programmable spray coating machine primarily designed for applying conformal coatings to printed circuits.

Budget Pricing for Full SMT Line

Jun 30, 2003 | Blundell Production Equipment can now supply a very competitively priced surface mount assembly line for less GBP 50,000.

SMT Spare Parts and Feeders

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