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ECO99C Convection Curing Oven

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We are supplying SMT and PTH OEM spare parts, handling Used machines, New SMT peripheral equipments, eyelet pin insertion machine and PCB router.

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ECO99C Convection Curing Oven

ECO99C Convection Curing Oven


ECO99C Convection Curing Oven


Curing Equipment

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Advanced Mechatronics Solutions, Inc.


ECO99C Convection Curing Oven Description:

Fully automated, electric-powered, bubble-free oven for inline, mass production

ECO99C is fully automated, electric-powered convection, selective heating oven which controls the temperature precisely and proportionally by SCR unit within a range of 2degC tolerance. The recycling hot air flow of 20CMM makes three equally divided hot-air-turbulent-streams which are due to +8 (turnovers/minute) and selectively wrapping around the magazine limit in the curing process inside the oven. The system intentionally neglects heating of the rest space of the oven except just around magazine. By doing so, it remarkably reduces energy consumption more than 50% and improves solvent flash-off. The oven runs at +99degC highest as necessary.

Magazine-basis Curing creates Bubble-free Solution

A fully automated, electric-powered convection, selective curing oven has truly resolved the long-troubled issue, bubbles residue on the PCBA coating films, by achieving transparent coating films successfully at no sacrifice in actual throughput(UPH).

Basic Ideas of the System

According to a central control signal, the magazine fully stacked with coating-works moves into the curing oven and makes cyclic pitch movements on RS40 chain conveyor by aids of encoder. The following empty magazine performs the coating- work stacking one by one until it is entirely filled up then repeat the movement same way as ahead magazine. This mechanism actually effects a continuous production as well as securing solvent flash interval while the magazine completes stacking prior to oven.

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