TechNote Time Watch Company

Ohm's law wristwatches, desk clocks and wall clocks for DC or AC applications, with unique resistor band color chart. Handy for any electronics professional, student or hobbyist.


TechNote Time Watch Company (, located in Ocala, Florida USA designs, produces, and markets specialty Ohm's law wristwatches and clocks geared towards tradesmen in the electrical and electronics fields. Our initial product line consists of wall and desk clocks and analog wrist watches which incorporates Ohm's law, power formulas for AC or DC power, and a resistor color chart.We carry other products not shown below - come visit our website to see wristwatches starting at $26.50. We thank you!


Resistor bands color chart

Your choice of "AC" or "DC" formulas

High quality products - you won't be disappointed!

30 day guarantee, one year warranty

Water resistant

All products include sweep seconds-hand and batteries

Over 20 products in our line and more new products to come!

Shipping generally within 24-48 hours

Watches are gift packaged, clocks are boxed.

In most cases can be taken as a tax deduction

Our Ohm's law watches will give you instant "credibility"!

Extremely useful for many applications

Handy "tool" for professionals and hobbyists!

Useful study aid for professional examinations

Unique trades or graduation gift

Appreciated as an incentive award

Great conversation piece - Colorful, eye-catching face!

Manufacturing Software

Selective Conformal Coating System - GPD SimpleCoat