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SN100c Lead-Free Bar Solder

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With numerous facilities in the United States, we are one of the electronics industry's leading manufacturers of lead-free solder products, superior quality stencils, and precision cut parts.

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SN100c Lead-Free Bar Solder

SN100c Lead-Free Bar Solder


SN100c Lead-Free Bar Solder


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SN100c Lead-Free Bar Solder Description:

FCT Assembly has partnered with Nihon Superior to be able to offer their patented lead free nickel stabilized tin/copper wave solder alloy- SN100C in North America. SN100C was developed to offer a technically superior and more economical option to the tin-silver-copper alloys also being considered. SN100C gives bridge-free wave soldering at temperatures normally used with tin/lead alloys.

With over 1000 lines in commercial production, some for over 6 years, and more than 250 million boards in service, SN100C gives you the confidence that switching to lead free does not have to be difficult.

SN100c is an alloy composed of Tin, copper, nickel and Germanium. Its unique properties make it possible to achieve high productivity in soldering processes offering cost effective reliable joints. Special features include high fluidity, low copper erosion, low drossing, superior wetting and freedom from shrinkage defects.

The patented addition of nickel to the tin-copper eutectic offers the following advantages:

  • Bridge-free wave soldering at 250°C- 260°C (482°F- 500°F) • Does not require special solder pots
  • No shorts on QFP to 0.65mm, 100 pins • Easy to manage in the solder pot
  • Smooth, bright fillets
  • Lower cost than silver containing lead free alloys
  • Good penetration of through holes • Lower drossing than other lead free alloys
  • No joint failure in more than five years of service • Solder Pot Analysis Program
  • Can be used in air


SN100C and SN100CE are packaged in 25-pound boxes and each bar weighs approximately two pounds. Also available in a 8-pound bar which includes a hanging hole for automatic solder feeds. Call for special requirements.

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