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HITACHI TDM-3000-3500E Dispenser

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Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

Exceed your need with leading-edge high speed surface mount systems. Ergonomic designs maximize flexibility while reducing overall cost of ownership.

Dallas, Texas, USA


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HITACHI TDM-3000-3500E Dispenser

HITACHI TDM-3000-3500E Dispenser


HITACHI TDM-3000-3500E Dispenser



Offered by:

Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

HITACHI TDM-3000-3500E Dispenser Description:

High speed, precision dispensing by digital and cam drives.

High speed, precision dispensing: 0.08 sec./dot saves floor space due to compact design. Glue is charged with compressed air at a high speed and the advanced cam-link head mechanism is able to control nozzle stroke at different levels effectively.

Stable glue supply

Glue supply is stabilized by feedback control, independent from the type and size of PCB.

Glue supply warning function:

An alarm sounds when the glue supply in the syringe is low.



Board Dimensions

Dispensing Time

Dispensing Angle

Number of Nozzles


50x50~330x250mm t=0.8~5.0mm

0.08sec./point (optimum)

0~359˚ 59´
(1' pitch)



50x50~460x360mm t=0.8~5.0mm


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