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Linear PTC Thermistors, Silicon temperature sensors

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Professional manufacturer of PTC & NTC thermistor, temperature sensor pressure Sensors. Thermistors for overload over-current protect, inrush current limit, temperature sense measurement compensation control, protect.

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Linear PTC Thermistors, Silicon temperature sensors

Linear PTC Thermistors, Silicon temperature sensors


Linear PTC Thermistors, Silicon temperature sensors



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Amwei Thermistor Sensor

Linear PTC Thermistors, Silicon temperature sensors Description:

Linear PTC Thermistor (LPTC) resistance increases with the temperature rises in linearity, displays a virtually linear positive temperature coefficient over their entire temperature range, suitable in measurement and control system, temperature compensation. As the construction material is mainly semiconductor monocrystalline silicon, also called silicon temperature sensor, silicon thermistor, sometimes referred to as silistors. As the temperature coefficient is positive, the silicon temperature sensors exhibit fail-safe operation when a system overheats. Furthermore silicon is inherently stable, so silicon temperature sensor are extremely reliable and have very long operational lifetimes. Hermetically sealed glass package, axial leaded, 2 leads, can operate in high temperature and moisture environment. Linear PTC thermistor in small dimension, tightness, convenient for automatic installation. AMWEI Linear PTC Thermistor (LPTC) Features 1. Silicon temperature sensors have a TK (temperature coefficinet) which is nearly constant over the complete temperature range. Temperature coefficient:α25/50>=0.7%/C. 2. Excellent long term stability, annual diversification rate max. 0.01C per year, temperature drifts during the lifetime of silicon temperature sensor are negligible. 3. Thermal Time Constant 10 seconds max in still air. 4. Operating temperature range -50~+150C. 5. Dissipation factor2.5~5mW/C. 6. Maximum operating current Iopr=1.0mA. 7. Rated power 10mW. 8. For AMWEI AM-LPTC600, AM-LPTC1000 part can be matched with Philips silicon temperature sensors part KTY84, KTY81. Silicon temperature sensor Application Industrial auotomation control equipment. Home appliance temperature detection and compensation. Precision circuit and crystal oscillator temperature compensation. Temperature compensation of silicon semiconducting devices. Temperature compensation of instrumentation amplifier. A/D converter temperature compensation. · Micro motor timing control. Automobile temperature detection and control. Medical equipment temperature detection and control. Linear PTC thermistor applications also include transmission, engine oil and coolant, heating system, overheating protection, amplifiers, power supplies, transducers, telemetry, computers, magnetic amplifiers, thermometry, meteorology, temperature regulation and over-temperature protection.

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