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Representing equipment, material and tooling for the assembly of printed circuit boards in New England since 1997. We represent everything needed for PCB manufacturing, like soldering systems, inspection equipment and storage.

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For twenty-three years we have built a reputation in the marketplace as a source of honesty and good advice. Since 1997 Yankee Soldering Technology has worked with its suppliers to help engineers and manufacturers stay competitive. We accomplish this through a deep understanding of the product capabilities we represent. We only recommend solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers.

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AIM Representative. Worldwide manufacturer of solder products: Paste Flux- including No-Clean, WS, Wire, Bar. Pioneered developing Lead-free Alloys....

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Samsung representative...

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Dr. Storage Dry Boxes

Distributor of Dr. Storage dry boxes for component storage and MSD control systems...

SMD Reel Storage

Dr. Storage Dry Boxes
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