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Defoamer & Scale Remover

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Major supplier of soldering materials and equipment to U.S. industry. We offer a wide variety of products from premier manufacturers like Alpha Metals, Easy Braid, Microcare, Weller, Hakko, Xcelite & Erem among others.

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Defoamer & Scale Remover

Defoamer & Scale Remover


Defoamer & Scale Remover


Solder Materials

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Stellar Technical Products

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A good stock of soldering supplies should include items that you can use to remove scales. You can find scale remover in liquid form by going online and browsing this website. Unlike some of your local stores, which may have a limited supply of soldering accessories, you can find the remover liquid, as well as other items like rinse aid, when you use this website for restocking your supplies. You can know immediately in what size the scale remover is available and how soon it can be shipped to you.

One of the most effective products is the defoamer spray that is available online. When you shop for soldering accessories on our website, you will see that the defoamer can be used on resin beds and in holding tanks for water treatment systems. It removes build-up from other liquid cleaners and is safe to use for most scale removal projects. When you select this product, it will come in concentrate form, letting you dilute it to the appropriate strength. If you already have this product, you can replenish your inventory by shopping online on our website. Rather than relegate your work to local store, you can find an array of soldering supplies online today.

Alpha Metals 2007 Defoamer

To reduce or eliminate foam build-up in aqueous cleaners, 16 oz bottle of concentrate.

Alpha 926 Scale Remover

To help remove mineral deposits from tank walls & nozzles of aqueous cleaners, 5 gallon pail.

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