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MS2 Solder Dross Eliminator

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Etek Europe offers a total solution to your company with years of experience in process and equipment support. From first line service support to in-house maintenance.

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MS2 Solder Dross Eliminator

MS2 Solder Dross Eliminator


MS2 Solder Dross Eliminator


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Etek Europe

MS2 Solder Dross Eliminator Description:

MS2 Solder Dross Eliminator doesn’t just reduce solder dross associated with wave soldering machines – it actually eliminates it, whether you are working with leaded solder or lead-free alloys.

MS2 molten solder surfactant works with your evolving manufacturing needs. While a great deal of soldering is still performed in a lead-based environment, global requirements continue to push manufacturers to convert to expensive lead-free solutions. Fortunately, MS2 molten solder surfactant allows companies to use just one solution regardless of their current or future manufacturing environment, no matter which solder alloy they use now or in the future, thus simplifying workflow and saving both costs and materials.

Leaded Solder

The active ingredients in the MS2 molten solder surfactant complexes with metal oxides in the leaded solder bath dross and render them soluble in the bulk material. This material is also unique in its dual role as a heat stable oxygen barrier and as an oxide scavenger.


For more than 10 years, P.Kay Metal has been at the forefront of the development that helps companies convert to manufacturing processes and formulations that are compliant with lead-free environments and RoHS restrictions. MS2 molten solder surfactant can reduce solder usage by as much as 85%, while eliminating many of the dross-related soldering defects and rework.

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