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BPM Microsystems, Inc.

Exceptional electronic products start with exceptional programming. BPM Microsystems is the leading global supplier of automated and manual programming systems, serving the semiconductor and electronics industries.

Houston, Texas, USA

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Component Programming

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BPM Microsystems, Inc.

3928 Description:

The Small Footprint/High Throughput Automated Programmer with 75% More Capacity (Compared to the 3901/3910)

The 3928 is suitable for medium to high volume and high mix production

High-Speed/High Capacity Programming

The 3928, with up to seven sites,  is made for programming large data devices, such as  MCUs, eMMC HS400, NAND, NOR and Serial Flash devices.  High-speed signals support devices up to 200 Mhz and the latest eMMC HS400 modes with data transfer rates of 2.5 nanoseconds per byte. With data transfer rates to 50 Gb per second, and verify rates up to 200 MB per second, the 3928 offers the industry’s fastest times with even more capacity compared to other systems in its class. This is up to 9 times faster than competing “universal” programmers, offering the Largest Memory Support in the industry―256 GB, upgradeable to 512 GB. Plus, by downloading image files up to 25 MB per second to all programmers simultaneously, the system rapidly produces devices at maximum achievable throughput.


  • Reduces set-up times by as much as 83% using AI to learn and automate the z-height teach
  • Improves yield and job performance with automated Z-height teach
  • More accurate than manual teaching methods  3

CyberOptics™ Vision

  • Component auto measure– fast set-ups
  • On-the-fly alignment– maximum device reliability and throughput

What’s Inside

Our Universal 9th Gen Technology with Vector Engine Co-Processor accelerates flash memory waveforms for programming near the theoretical limits of silicon design. The faster the device, the faster it’s programmed. Combined with BPWin, the most advanced feature-rich process control software in the industry, on-the-fly vision alignment, and WhisperTeach™, the 3928 is in a class by itself. A full lineup of Input/output options is available, along with a CO2 laser marking system for 100% part traceability.  Finally, BPWin software API tools integrate your device programming process with your MES, allowing you to monitor and control inventory in real time.

3D Inspection

  • 100% inspection reduces the risk of bad parts going to SMT
  • Improves quality by detecting issues early
  • Inspects for lead coplanarity and BGA devices
  • Automotive/Aerospace-level quality inspection now available on the 3928

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