NS Lead Solder

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Nihon has been a leader in soldering and brazing since 1966. Nihon manufactures SMT solder joining materials e.g. lead-free solder (SN100C:Sn-Cu-Ni-Ge etc): solder paste, solder spheres, flux cored solder wire, solder bar, etc.

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NS Lead Solder

NS Lead Solder


NS Lead Solder


Solder Materials

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Nihon Superior Co., Ltd.

NS Lead Solder Description:

A rich and line-up of solders possessed of various characteristics and properties.

NSH63V forms a strong join and displays excellent resistance to heat cycle stress, thus prolonging the working life of various electrical devices.

This solder has proven effective when used with circuit boards that undergo a large amount of heat stress, in-vehicle electrical circuitry, HIC (a metallic Hybrid Integrated Circuit), inverter circuits and CEM-3 circuit boards.

For the NS Solder-back Soldering System, we have combined the solder-back nozzle with, generous application of the solder fillet, providing further prevention against cracking. This is the hallmark of this system.

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