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eFlux Lead-Free Soldering Flux

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Nihon has been a leader in soldering and brazing since 1966. Nihon manufactures SMT solder joining materials e.g. lead-free solder (SN100C:Sn-Cu-Ni-Ge etc): solder paste, solder spheres, flux cored solder wire, solder bar, etc.

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eFlux Lead-Free Soldering Flux

eFlux Lead-Free Soldering Flux


eFlux Lead-Free Soldering Flux


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Nihon Superior Co., Ltd.

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Rosin Based Flux for Lead-Free Wave Soldering NS-F850.

NS-F850 ensures excellent wetting of all PCB and component substrates to deliver maximum through hole fill and facilitates the solder drainage that ensures minimum bridges and icicles. It is the ideal flux for lead-free wave soldering.

Halogen-Free Flux for Soldering NS-F900.

NS-F900 is a robust halogen-free flux that ensures excellent wetting even on oxidized copper. It is completely halogen-free, containing no halogens (F, Cl, Br, I), highly reliable post flux that provides excellent wetting up the leads and drainage and is the ideal flux for halogen-free lead-free wave soldering.

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