Display your best equipment pictures on any smooth surface!

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer, Marketing Agency, Other

Picture Perfect Results with FotoStick® - Print your digital images directly on our unique repositionable vinyl and see the same great quality you expect from paper prints – exceptional exposure, clarity, contrast & detail.

Easy to Use – Peel away the FotoStick® protective back and position and reposition your images wherever you want without any worries about damage to a surface.

Be Creative – FotoStick® can be applied and reapplied to almost every hard, smooth surface – decorate every room in your home, office, dorm, or even lockers, notebooks, and refrigerators. It easily peels away to use again and again.

Quality Material – Made of a new generation vinyl, FotoStick® is tough, durable and won't wrinkle or tear like photo paper can but offers the same clear, crisp quality. It also bends and forms so the light tack adhesive makes application and re-positioning perfect for hard to decorate areas.

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