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Wave soldering machine - Finger conveyor

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We are manufacturing range of Lead free wave soldering machines, reflow oven, stencil printer , solder paste mixer

Pune, India


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Wave soldering machine - Finger conveyor

Wave soldering machine - Finger conveyor


Wave soldering machine - Finger conveyor


Wave Soldering

Offered by:

EMST Marketing Pvt. Ltd.


Wave soldering machine - Finger conveyor Description:

Wave soldering machine range offered by EMS Technologies comes in two combinations with Finger type conveyor for high productivity and Carrier Conveyer type suitable for batch
production. With over 20+ years of experience EMS Technologies has been well known brand in the SMT field.

The field proven Stallion Wave Soldering Machine is now introduced in PLC version with many more enhanced features.

Fluxer Options

Foam Fluxer

  • Stainless steel tank of 5 ltrs capacity with porous candle
  • External compressed air driven
  • Air knife to blow off excess flux back to the tank

Spray Fluxer

  • Modular design - Spray, Control & Infeed Modules
  • Auto spray as per length & width of board

Drawout Fluxer Tank
(only for finger conveyor model)

  • Foam Fluxer tank is mounted on drawout sliding base
  • Easy access to nozzle and porous candle for maintenance

Preheater Options

Two Hot Air Convection Preheaters

  • Total Length of 1000 mm and 5KW each High reliable open coil heaters with blower
  • Twin output impeller housing for better

Three Hot Air Convection Preheaters

  • Total Length of 1200 mm and 4KW each Highly reliable open coil heaters with blower
  • Twin output impeller housing for better efficiency

Solder Pot Options

150 Kg Lead Free / 170 Kg Leaded Pot

  • Available in SS, Nitrided SS or Titanium
  • Three Cartridge internal heaters for better efficiency
  • AC pump motor with speed control for uniform & stable wave height

Orbital 'O-Wave' SMD Option

  • Patented Italian Technology and field proven over years
  • Fin Assembly moving in narrow elliptical orbit inside nozzle area to
    create orbital wave
  • O-Wave speed and amplitude controlled by AC Motor
  • Orbital turbulence of O-wave eliminates shadow areas around SMD components

225 Kg Lead free / 255 Kg Leaded Dual Wave Pot

  • Available in SS, Nitrided SS or Titanium
  • Multi Jet wave for SMD soldering, covering the entire width
  • AC Motor with speed control for both Main and Jet wave
  • High Reliable External Plate heaters

Control and Interface

Machine Control

  • Overall Machine Control thru PLC
  • Independent PID control for Preheater & Solder Temperatures
  • Auto / Manual / Diagnostics mode with Password Protection


  • Touch panel for Operator Interface
  • USB Port for Data Logging
  • Extensive Monitoring of Alarm conditions with messages

Software Features

  • Wide range of functions built-in
  • Weekly / Daily Timer
  • Auto Wave ON
  • Auto Flux On (in Finger model)
  • Interlocks to prevent improper operation

Finger Conveyor Model Features


  • Rigid lead screw/guide shafts for perfect parallel movement
  • Titanium fingers on chain drive with back support all around for perfect alignment
  • AC Variable speed motor with closed loop Encoder for precise speed control

Conveyor Angle and Width

  • Manual adjustment of Conveyor angle - 4°& 5°
  • Simple wheel adjustment of both conveyor and solder pot
  • Manual conveyor width adjustment by wheel

Finger Cleaning

  • Brush cleaning of fingers with solvent pumped from recirculating tank
  • Stainless steel tank for solvent with level indicator for easy refilling

Inlet & Exit PCB Feeder

  • Chain Type inlet feeder with 3 mm pins coupled to main conveyor and running at same speed
  • Chain type or simple parking type exit feeder

Anti Warp Support

  • Wedge type support on solder pot to prevent pcb warpage.
  • Wire type support also available.

Roll out and Exchangeable solder pot
(both Finger & Carrier models)

  • Solder pot can be easily rolled out for cleaning
  • Exchangeable pot assembly with motors, heaters, sensor etc available for quick exchange between Lead & Lead free pot
  • All connections of pot thru quick lock connectors

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