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Various kinds of high quality SMT nozzles, cutters, filters, etc. for more than 10 years, Assembleon nozzle, NXT nozzle, FUJI nozzle, Hitachi nozzle, JUKI nozzle, KME nozzle, Panasert nozzle, etc.

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Shenzhen jace electronics co .,ltd . was founded in 2005, mainly in the development, production and sales of accessories required for SMT electronics manufacturing and SMT placement machine accessories based manufacturers. And new electronic products at the end of 2008, cutting gum division, in early 2009 to increase anti-static Products Division, Office Products Division Labor. In recent years, courtesy of everyone’s love and support, through genuine cooperation, good quality, reasonable price, the intention of the service, the company continued to steadily expand the development.
And global customers in the service, we have to “good faith” and technology-driven, quality of survival, the philosophy, I believe we can do better. Under the guidance of this principle, building the morning to catch the market demand, sector reform and innovation in technology, will increase investment to enhance integrated service capabilities. Willing to work with all customers to create value, and common development

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