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SMT PCB conveyor, PCB detection conveyor

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SMT PCB conveyor, PCB detection conveyor

SMT PCB conveyor, PCB detection conveyor


SMT PCB conveyor, PCB detection conveyor


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SMT PCB conveyor, PCB detection conveyor Description:

1. PCB transmission machine:

For the connection between SMT production lines, Du can also be used for PCB buffering, inspection, Zhi test or manual insertion of electronic components.

2. Application range: dao50mm-500mm wide PCB board.

3. Responsibilities

3.1 Development Department: it is revised by the development department according to the validity and suitability of the document.

3.2 production department: responsible for equipment operation.

3.3 Public Works Department: responsible for equipment maintenance.

3.4 non relevant personnel shall not adjust machine parameters at will.

4. Operation process:

4.1 inspection before power on

1. Check whether the power supply line is damaged.

2. Check whether the equipment is well grounded.

3. Check whether the control key is reset.

4. Check whether the width of guide rail is appropriate.

5. Check whether the belt is loose.

6. If there is no abnormality above, the machine can be started for preparation.

4.2 operation sequence

1. Description of control panel

The finish button is not self-locking. Each time it is pressed, the inspection is completed,

PCB board pass, continue to run.

Pass / check button is not pressed

Pass PCB board does not need to be checked and passes automatically; press

Check means that the PCB needs manual inspection and needs to be used together with finish.

Power is the power switch, press to power on.

Light is the lighting switch.

2. Description of operation steps

A. Adjust the running speed of the belt according to the speed of the front and rear connection.

B. automatic control mode

1. Press the power button;

2. Press the light button;

3. Press pass / check.

3. Manual control mode

1. Press the power button;

2. Press the light button;

3. After the inspection, press the finish button.

4. Shut down and press the power button

5. Precautions

1. Ensure that there are no foreign matters in the belt, pulley and guide rail of the transportation part, so as to ensure the smooth and smooth transportation.

2. Oil the transmission part and the rack or the width adjusting screw rod regularly, and the refueling must be carried out in the shutdown state.

3. In case of power failure, turn off the main power switch of the equipment immediately.

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