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SMT Assembly Middle Size Hot Air Lead Free Reflow Oven

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SMT Assembly Middle Size Hot Air Lead Free Reflow Oven

SMT Assembly Middle Size Hot Air Lead Free Reflow Oven


SMT Assembly Middle Size Hot Air Lead Free Reflow Oven



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Shenzhen ETA Technology Co., Ltd

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SMT Assembly Middle Size Hot Air Lead Free Reflow Oven Description:

Lead Free Reflow Oven

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SMT assembly middle size hot air lead free reflow oven
1, Heating system adopts ETA patent heating technology
2, The use of imported large current solid state relay contact output, safe, reliable, equipped with a dedicated SSR radiator, heat efficiency is greatly improved, effectively prolong its useful life.
3, The heating component using high quality imported components, to ensure that the entire system with high stability and reliability, can assure long life.
4, Combined with temperature controller special PID fuzzy control function, has been monitoring the temperature and heat value, with the smallest ripple control heating device, rapid response, temperature control precision, temperature distribution inside the machine error is small, the direction of the length of the temperature distribution in accordance with IPC standard.
5, Intelligent computer +PID arithmetic precision controller, through the PID only operation, automatic control heat, fuzzy control function the fastest speed corresponding external heat change and through internal controls to ensure the temperature more balance.
6, The heating area of modular design, convenient disassembly and repair.
7, Has the temperature abnormal, fault diagnosis, a sound and light alarm function.
8, Independent small circulating wind design, upper and lower heating method, thermal compensation, high thermal efficiency, energy saving, quick heating speed, suitable for BGA and CSP components quality products welding. Forced air circulation system of special structure, make PCB components and uniform heating, high efficiency, fast heating speed.
9, , Blower system uses advanced air duct design, imported blower system is equipped with three layer wind device, wind transported uniform, high heat exchange efficiency.
10, Preheating, welding zone and a cooling zone under the independent heating cycle, independent, independent temperature control, temperature difference between adjacent temperature areas of MAX up to 100degree, not temperature, each temperature area temperature and wind speed can be adjusted independently.
11, Equipped with 3 temperature measuring socket, measurable adjusting temperature curve, continuous temperature curve test can be achieved the international standard of lead-free welding process technology.
12, Imported high temperature motor direct drive air circulation, hot well balanced, stable operation, long service life, low noise, small vibration.
13, The power matching the appropriate temperature, rapid temperature rising, from room temperature to set working temperature for about 20 minutes. And it is fast and efficient thermal compensation performance.
14, Modular design, compact structure, convenient maintenance.
15, Independent cooling zone, ensuring the PCB board plate at a desired temperature.
16, The transmission system adopts imported motor, special governor speed, stable running, speed adjustable range 0-1600mm/min.
17, The independent wheel structure and Taupin support, combined with stainless steel net belt, stable running, accurate speed up to ± 10mm/min, especially for BGA/CSP 0201 welding.
18, Special stainless steel word net belt, durable wear-resistant. Long time use is not easy deformation.
19, On the platform of Windows, convenient storage and call the temperature curve.
20, WINDOWS 2000/WINDOWS XP operating platform, powerful function, high stability, convenient and stable long-term production management, use convenient.
21, According to the needs of optional Guide + net belt transport mode.

Specification for A600
General  (Mid-sized 6-Zone)
Outside Dimension(L*W*H) 3600x720x1250mm
Standard Color Computer Grey
Weight Approx.420KG
Number Of Heating Zones Up6/Bottom6
Heating method Hot air
Length Of Heating Zones 2400mm
Exhaust Volume 10M3/minx2 Exhausts
Standard Feature Of Control System  
Electric Supply Required 3phase,380V 50/60Hz                                                            
Power For Warm Up 11KW
Power Consumption 4KW
Warming Time Approx.20 minute
Temp. Setting Range Room Temp.---300℃
Temperature Control Method PID Close Loop Control +SSR
Temperature Control Precision ± 1.0℃
Temperature Deviation on PCB ± 1.5℃  (by MR Board Test Standard)
Heating Element    Especial Heating elements for long life                       
Commutated Element     Aluminum Alloy Plate  
Max. Temp. Gap Between Preheat & Reflow Setting   80℃
Max. Temp. Gap Between Preheat Zones Setting      40℃
Max. Temp. Gap Between Reflow Zones Setting       50℃
Abnormal Alarm Abnormal Temperature (Extra-high / Extra-low Temp.)
Board Dropped Alarm Tower Light: Green-Normal; Red-Abnormal
Features Of Conveyor System  
Rail Number 0 Lane (With Rail is Option)
Max.Width Of PCB 350mm
Components Clearance Top/ Bottom Clearance of PCB is 20mm
Conveyor Direction L→R (Option: R→L)
Fixed Rail Side(Without Rail) Front Rail Fixed(Option:Rear Rail Fixed)
Transmission Agent(Without Rail)  Mesh 
Conveyor Height 900+/-20mm
Conveyor Speed Range 300~2000mm/min
Temp. Thermocouple Slot   Standard
On Line Editing                 Standard
Cooling Method    Fan-cooling   (Standard)   contact us via email   or    Skype:chinacss1

View SMT Assembly Middle Size Hot Air Lead Free Reflow Oven

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