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Semi Automatic Solder Paste Printer 360

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Semi Automatic Solder Paste Printer 360

Semi Automatic Solder Paste Printer 360


Semi Automatic Solder Paste Printer 360



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Semi Automatic Solder Paste Printer 360 Description:

1. microcomputer control, touch screen display, menu operation interface.
2. scraper floating. (Similar to automatic printing presses, scraper can freely fluctuate and automatically adjusts the level of steel mesh).
3. Adjustable squeegee pressure (which can be adjusted according to the different models of the length of the scraper scraper scraper stencil pressure).
4. stencil leaving PCB (demolding) Sectional Actions 0-5 seconds adjustable. (Similar to automatic printing presses, steel mesh within 2 seconds and rise slowly stripping, then quickly rose to leave the PCB, avoid stripping drawing phenomenon that saves time, in order to improve the efficiency of production) .
5. Working operation with the hands key switch operation, safe and reliable.
6. The touch screen menu can be set independently scraper upper left to stop the lower left to stop time, the upper right stop right lower stop time, and stencil stop pause on the whole time.
7. PCB board positioning fixed reference hole positioning, benchmark side positioning and the reference holes benchmark side at the same time positioning, template, positioning, and a variety of different form of precise positioning.
8. The touch screen features time display function, printing the number of automatic counting function, screen saver function.
9 has left and right adjustable squeegee speed and emergency stop safety feature.

PCB size:  Max:L600*W240mm
Printing area: L700*W320mm
PCB fixed system: Pin positioning
Frame size: W(370~550mm)*L(470~ 650mm)
Adjusting for table: front/rear±10mm,left/ritght±10mm
Printing Accurary:±0.2mm
Repeating Accurary:±0.2mm
PCB thickness:0.2-2.0mm
Air source:4-6kg/c㎡
Power supply:AC220V 50HZ
Dimension: L800*W700*H1700mm
Net weight:230kg

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