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4300/LF-4300 Water Washable No-Clean Solder Paste

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Manufacturer of materials for the electronics assembly marketplace. Our RoHS-compliant products include solder pastes, fluxes, solder powder, core wire and bar solder and process support products.

Deep River, Connecticut, USA


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4300/LF-4300 Water Washable No-Clean Solder Paste

4300/LF-4300 Water Washable No-Clean Solder Paste


4300/LF-4300 Water Washable No-Clean Solder Paste


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4300/LF-4300 Water Washable No-Clean Solder Paste Description:

Introducing LF-4300 (lead-free) and 4300 (tin-lead), two revolutionary synthetic solder pastes that offer such unparalleled versatility and forgiveness, we still don’t believe it.

Both the LF-4300 and the 4300 offer true multi-process capabilities, ideal for no-clean applications and also water washable, able to be cleaned using standard aqueous cleaning systems without saponification. Both formulas also utilize synthetic materials that deliver ideal printing characteristics, unparalleled lot-to-lot consistency and extremely long stencil life. LF-4300 and 4300 are also VOC and halide-free, and classified as RELO. When used as a no-clean, their flux residue remains clear and meets S.I.R. requirements as per IPC-TM-650.2.6.33.

Unique features of LF-4300 and 4300 solder paste include:

  • No-Clean and Water Washable (one product for both processes)
  • LF-4300 complies with RoHS directive 2002/95/EC and is suitable for high temp. alloys up to 300ºC
  • RELO flux classification
  • No mid-chip beading
  • Low voiding
  • 12-hour stencil life
  • 24-hour abandonment time
  • Pin Probable for ICT inspection
  • Compatible with AOI inspection
  • Works well in convection and vapor phase processes

Both the LF-4300 and the 4300 feature 12-hour stencil life and 24-hour abandonment time so PC assemblers can change shifts or experience prolonged downtime without jeopardizing production yields. The LF-4300 also meets RoHS directive 2002/95/EC with lead content guaranteed at <200ppm.

Available Packaging:

The following packaging options are available for stencil printing and dispensing applications: 250g and 500g jars; 250g and 700g cartridges; 750g ProFlow® cassettes; 35g and 100g syringes; 2,500g FreshMix® Kits.

"Amtech LF-4300 paste has been a timesaver for our company.  With other pastes in the past, there was a problem with getting reflowed boards clean.  The flux from the paste would become hard and almost impossible to wash off.  When finally cleaned, there was always some remaining residue.  With Amtech’s LF-4300, not only do we get nicely wetted fillets, but our cleanliness problems have been solved.  If we clean the boards, reflowed boards can be left overnight and still come clean the next day with shiny joints, or, in some cases, we utilize the paste as no clean without issues.  Additionally, we have found that the profile window is more flexible than with other solder pastes that we have previously tried."

~ Nathan Sneed, General Manager, BEC Electronics

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