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ML-XC1000 X-Ray Parts Counter

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ML-XC1000    X-Ray Parts Counter

ML-XC1000    X-Ray Parts Counter


ML-XC1000 X-Ray Parts Counter


Component Counters / SMD Counters

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ML-XC1000 X-Ray Parts Counter Description:

X ray SMD ComponentsCounter Machine

ML-XC1000   Microfocus X-Ray Parts Counter

This equipment is mainly used for the rapid counting of the reel type of
material in SMT industry. Material types include all RC materials and IC
materials. It is based on the high industrial 4.0 standard, intelligent modular
design, and can be used for 7-17inch Tape Reel/JEDEC Tray/IC moisture
sensitive package, etc. It is equipped with artificial intelligence deep learning
software, cloud update system.
With X-ray imaging technology, it can detect the production materials and
obtain image information. The image will be automatically counted by
Morel's self-developed image algorithm, to obtain the actual quantity of
materials, and classify the number of materials at the same time. These data
and information can be interfaced with the customer MES system.

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