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Automatic AOI machine for SMT assembly

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Automatic AOI machine for SMT assembly

Automatic AOI machine for SMT assembly


Automatic AOI machine for SMT assembly


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ShenZhen J-Wide Electronics Equipment Co.,Ltd


Automatic AOI machine for SMT assembly Description:

Product Introduction:

Offline AOI is used after Stencil printer,before/after reflow oven,before/after wave solder;
It works automatically and precisely to save much labor cost.

Main Features:

Ø High performance
ØOffline SMT-AOI
Ø NG Rate>99%
Ø False Positive≤5000PPM
Ø False Negative≤10PPM
Ø Repeat Accuracy≤3pcs
Ø HD image,easy for 0402 chip
Ø Full color image statistcs analysis
Ø Optical character recognition(OCR)
Ø IC bridge analysis
Ø Color analysis
Ø Graphics similary
Ø Black white ratio analysis
Ø Intensity analysis
Ø Non linear color analysis

Product Specification:

Used for After screen printer,Before/after reflow oven,Before/after wave solder
Program type ManualAutoCAD input
Test item Printing defect:missed,wrong place,wrong part,polarity reversed,crack,polluted,less
solder,excess solder,short circuit,cold solder
Analysia method Full color image statistic analysis,OCR,IC bridge analysis,color linear analysis,color
non-linear analysis,black-while ratio analysis
Test method Cover whole PCB testing technology,co-circuit,multi mark,and bad mark
SPC function Record statistic and analysis for all testing data,every production and quality control
can be seen
Part angel 0~359°rotation,min.1° 0201 chip,0.4pitchIC
Camera Full color high speed industrial camera
Pixel 10um/15um/18um/20um/25um
Conveyor Manual input PCB
X Servo motor drives camera to take pictures,Y servo motor moves PCB
PCB size 20*20mm(Min)~460*350mm(Max)
PCB thickness 0.3~5.0mm
PCB weight Max:3KG
PCB edge 3mm
PCB Bench <5mm
component height Top:35mm,Bottom:75mmadjustable

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