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Fancort PCB Depaneling Machines

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Fancort Industries is a vertically integrated Manufacturer, Distributor, and Integrator/machine builder of world leading equipment.

West Caldwell, New Jersey, USA


  • Phone 888 326-2678

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 Fancort PCB Depaneling Machines

 Fancort PCB Depaneling Machines


Fancort PCB Depaneling Machines



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Fancort Industries, Inc.


Fancort PCB Depaneling Machines Description:

Fancort offers the widest selection of depaneling machines for pre-scored and routed boards from any one company. Our machines are all benchtop, varying in throughput, cost, and stress level.

Why select Fancort as your depaneling vendor?

  1. More choices of machines for scored or routed boards
  2. More factory support after purchase
  3. Quick turnaround on blade re-sharpening
  4. Engineered solutions to challenging applications

Please review the machines, their various features and specifications.

Pre-Scored Board Machines

Fancort offers 5 models of pre-scored PCB depaneling machines starting with low volume manual units working up higher volume motorized units. All are designed to minimize board stress and the potential for component damage. We also offer two units for simulating metalized boards especially those found in LED manufacturing.
Tab Routed Board Singulators

Fancort offer three machines designed for low volume production singulation of small tab routed boards. These machines provide a low cost solution with higher stress levels where components have sufficient spacing from connecting tabs.
Desktop Routers

Our Fancort desktop routers offer an excellent high quality solution for minimum stress in medium volume production environments. The build in vacuum suction is ideal for reducing dust. We offer both Up-Vac and Down-Vac versions for low to medium volume/high mix applications.
Getech Stand Alone Routers

GETECH standalone routers are highly engineered to minimize stress, eliminate dust, and provide maximum productivity. The standalone GSR & ESR models offer features like dual tables for non-stop productivity, Fiducial Recognition, and dual vacuum blowers for increased dust removal. Speeds range from xxxx to xxx mm/ss for panels from xx X xx mm to xx X xx mm. All system feature easy drop down menu programing, dust filtration systems, and optional dedicated or quick change universal fixtures.
Getech Inline Routers

Getech inline routers are highly engineered for reliability and repeatability in high volume production environments. This series includes the GBR bottom router which does not require dedicated fixturing, the GAR twin table machine, and the RBM twin table machine with post singulation automation.

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