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Yamaha YSD High-Speed SMT Dispenser

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Yamaha Motor IM America offers Single and Dual Lane production Printers, Mounters and AOI.

Kennesaw, Georgia, USA


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Yamaha YSD High-Speed SMT Dispenser

Yamaha YSD High-Speed SMT Dispenser


Yamaha YSD High-Speed SMT Dispenser



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Yamaha Motor IM America, Inc.


Yamaha YSD High-Speed SMT Dispenser Description:

High-speed, High-accuracy and Stable Dispensing for High-density Mounting

The YSD comes to market as the successor to Yamaha’s “YGD” dispenser model that won a reputation for answering market needs for compactness and low cost while achieving the industry’s highest levels of dispensing speed and precision at the time of its release in April 2004. The YSD achieves major improvements (over 20% compared to the YGD) in tact time and dispensing performance.

In a conventional production line for mounting electric/electronic components on printed circuit boards (PCB), a dispenser for surface mount technology (SMT) systems is a special machine used to apply adhesive that temporarily holds the parts to be mounted on the PCBs in place. The YSD, however, is designed to perform a variety of dispensing functions in addition to temporary adhesive application, while also providing the capacity to handle large-sized PCBs of up to 510 mm in length and 460 mm in width, coming with a touch panel as standard equipment and other functions to increase versatility and operability. Environmental and safety concerns are also addressed with measures such as meeting CE marking requirements and operational compatibility with a low compressed air level of 0.45 MPa.

Using the YSD together with Yamaha’s high-speed modular type surface mounters makes for a surface mounting production line that not only has a high level of productivity, but is also very efficient in its use of floor space.


Industry’s highest levels of dispensing performance

  • Over 20% faster tact time than the YGD at 0.07 sec./shot.
  • Improved dispensing accuracy (±0.05 mm μ + 3σ).

Improved versatility and operability

  • Non-contact dispensing and line dispensing available as options.
  • Handles large-sized PCBs up to 510 mm long and 460 mm wide.
  • Touch panel as standard equipment for improved operability.

Environmental and safety measures

  • Meets CE marking requirements.Meets CE marking requirements.
  • Operable on low compressed air level of 0.45 MPa.

Highly efficient manufacturing when used on a Yamaha SMT line

  • Bad mark recognition function makes increased productivity on the entire production line possible.
  • Easy conversion of Yamaha surface mounter data to dispenser data possible.

Technologies and new mechanisms used to increase performance

  • High speed
    • Newly developed head unit with reduced weight.
    • Latest servo control system adopted (same type as the YSM40).
    • High-rigidity platform (same type as the YS12).
    • Newly developed dispensing sequence.
  • Dispensing position accuracy
    • Yamaha’s MACS (Multiple Accuracy Compensation System) system for multi-staged mounting accuracy compensation is adopted on this model. This system provides comprehensive compensation for deviations in the numerous factors involved in accuracy multiple times, achieving a high mounting accuracy of ±0.05 mm
  • Dispensing consistency
    • High-speed response valve ensures consistency in dispensing dot shape.
    • New high-precision temperature control system reduces temperature-induced variance in
    • adhesive consistency.

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