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I am an agent and my interest for every business I do is my commission and as a commission agent, I will try to make sure I do everything possible to make sure the supply contract is awarded

Consultant / Service Provider, Distributor, Marketing Agency

We also offer our services as Consultant to International Trades, Trade Broker & Representative Agent.
We got into full importation of Musical Instruments which multiplied our firm to extend another company registration as MAXIMA INVESTMENT LTD in the year 2004 as we are trying to extend in lager range importation/distributor of food and beverages as we are gaining much customer around our country who desires more supply of goods from us because of our method of service and honesty which we provide to them.

Our sales and marketing experience has helped us to serve our Clients, trading partners, Suppliers, Buyers, Agents and Brokers with only the best.

We believe in continually expanding, innovating and reinventing our business systems to be better in our service. We are guided by the principles of business ethics, integrity, honesty and trust worthiness, so that we may last in the field of our business relationship with any group of firm or Person we are dealing with.
We sell and market consumer goods and articles of daily use.

In order to establish a lasting business relationship with any individual or firm that we are dealing with, we try to serve our clients with the best of our service and co-operation,
We request that any Person we are dealing with will give us the best of service and co-operation as well in other to enable us to move forward.

We only want serious Manufacturers/Exporters of our line of products to be in contact with us directly for a better and mutual business relationship for the benefit of our both companies with the details of your Company and the products you will be able to offer together with their C&F prices, Packing details, Shipping and payment terms.

We look forward to create a fruitful business relationship with any worthy firm in contact with us and we can not negotiate with any thing that will stain our name in any source due to our reputation.

We highly appreciate any one in deal with us and we thank you for the attention given to us by your Company to introduce our Company to you.

Global manufacturing solutions provider

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