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Microwave RF PCB

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A-TECH CIRCUITS is the specialist in PCB manufacturing technology, who produce high quality pcb include rigid fr4 pcb, metal core pcb, microwave/rf pcb, flexible pcb, HDI pcb and pcb assembly.

Shenzhen, China


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Microwave RF PCB

Microwave RF PCB


Microwave RF PCB



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A-Tech Circuits Co.,Limited

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General specification for Microwave/RF PCB

Layer count: 1-6
Board thickness: 0.2-3.2mm
Copper thickness: 0.5-4oz
Dielectric Constant(DK): 2.2-10.3
Min trace width/spacing: 4/4mil
Min drill hole size: 0.2mm
Surface treatment: HAL(Lead free), Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver, OSP, Gold Plating.
Material available: Teflon, Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, etc.

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