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GEHR100D Colorless Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate

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Foreverest™ supply materials for manufacture of defluxing, fluxes, adhesives, pastes and cleaning agents based on gum rosin derivatives.

Xiamen, China

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Foreverest Resources Ltd.

GEHR100D Colorless Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate Description:

CGEHR is a kind of super light color tackifying rosin resin, which is esterified from refined hydrogenated rosin and edible glycerol, and through series combined technologies units of catalytic hydrogenation. With benefit of light color, low odor, good heat stability and excellent ageing resistance, CGEHR is mainly used in screen protection film, medicinal patch, diaper adhesive, PSA and HMA.

  • Tackifier for screen protection film
  • Tackifier for medicinal patch
  • Tackifier for diaper adhesives
  • Tackifier for PSA and HMA


Solubility, with toluene 1:1: clear
Color, Hazen Unit: ≤200
Acid Value, mg/g: 2~10
Softening Point, R&B, °C: 95~105
Iodine Value, gI2/100g: ≤15

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