CVInc services advanced packaging. Placing solder bumps on single die, partial wafers, and complete wafers...we also offer RDL (redistribution) services in 5-7 working days. Our custom preforms are as small as 50um geometries.


CVI can bump single die, partial wafers and complete wafer. Our services include redistribution on wafers and fanout in 5-7 working days. We can bump die with pads as small as 20um and bumps as small as 30um in Sn and In based solders. CVI can bump and assemble as well.

Send us your boards and we will bump the die, assemble your boards then attach the flip chip die.

We also provide overmolded and open cavity assembly services. Our overmoded QFN offer custom geometries unavilable by other OEMs. Our preforms are as small as 50um and offer complex geometries in solder only as well as copper traces.

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Die Bumping Services

We can bump single die in geometries as small as 30um. CVI will add a UBM on aluminum and copper pads follewed by solder bump in Sn and In alloys. CVI can then attach the die to a substrate or PCB followed by complete assembly....

Assembly Services

Die Bumping Services

Solder Preforms and Pad Repair Kits

We manufacture both solder preforms and pad repair kits. Our geometries are available starting at 25um and up in SnAg, SnPb, Cu and Au, Ag and other finishes....

Solder Materials

Solder Preforms and Pad Repair Kits
Jade Series Selective Soldering Machines

MSD Dry Cabinets