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PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators for selective, wave solder, reflow ovens. Economical, reliable, convenient alternative to gas contracts and cylinders. The best solution for all of your N2 needs. No gas contracts; fast ROI!


South-Tek Systems was founded in 1997 with the goal of designing and manufacturing the highest quality, most efficient and most cost effective Nitrogen Generators.  In addition, South-Tek has always, and will always, put equal emphasis on customer support – crucial in providing the end user seamless operation and highest return on investment. And with a strong focus on Engineering, Research & Development, New Product Development and New Business Development, South-Tek also yields some of the most innovative designs in the industry.

Our team of elite Manufacturers Representatives and Distributors are dually trained on customer support and a technical, in-depth understanding of the customer’s application, ensuring the ultimate user experience. Because of this dedication to our customers and their applications, South-Tek has become one of the largest manufacturers of Nitrogen Generation equipment with over 8,000 systems installed in the United States and abroad.   Those installations range from the small start-up research laboratory or local industrial equipment shop to a full listing of Fortune 50 Industrial plant sites, many of which have chosen South-Tek as their worldwide standard for Nitrogen Generation.

South-Tek manufactures a wide range of engineered to order Nitrogen Generators, from those designed to output a few liters per minute of Nitrogen flow rate for table top laboratory applications, to designs able to produce 75,000 cubic feet per hour to meet the demands of some of the largest industrial plants.  Our systems are capable of producing Nitrogen purities of up to 99.999% (10 PPM and lower). 

With a commitment to ongoing Research and Development, South-Tek has created Patented and Patent Pending technology that maximizes the longevity and efficiency of Nitrogen Generation Systems.  South-Tek is dedicated to providing the best customer support and user experience in the industry.  We ARE Nitrogen, and we have your Nitrogen solution!

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Nitrogen Gas Generator

PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators custom engineered for your N2 flow rate and purity.  Compatible with all types and brands of selective soldering, wave soldering, reflow oven equipment.  N2 Purities up to 99.999+%.  Full turnkey syste...


Nitrogen Gas Generator

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ITW Sees Drastically Increased Nitrogen Purity with South-Tek Systems Nitrogen Generator

Jun 24, 2022 | South-Tek Systems is pleased to announce that it participated in the recent Kurt Whitlock Associates (KWA) Open House at KWA's Demonstration Lab in St. Cloud, FL. South-Tek Systems' N2GEN TS Nitrogen Generator was paired with the ITW EAE Vitronics Soltec Zeva M selective solder machine. ITW ran circuit boards using the South-Tek N2GEN PSA nitrogen generator and realized nitrogen purities up to 99.999 percent.

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