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iJet-9 Large Platform Jet Dispenser

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Manufacturer of automated machinery for selective conformal coating, fluid dispensing, plasma treatment, assembly machines, and complete factory process line solutions.

Freemont, California, USA


  • Phone 1-510-270-8648

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iJet-9 Large Platform Jet Dispenser

iJet-9 Large Platform Jet Dispenser


iJet-9 Large Platform Jet Dispenser



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Anda Automation Pte Ltd

iJet-9 Large Platform Jet Dispenser Description:

Increased Dispense Area over SD6 Series for Underfill, Glob Top, Dam & Fill, LED Packaging, Surface Mount Adhesive Dispensing, etc.

Features and Benefits

  • Convenience – With non-contact injection technology, the need to move the z-axis up and down is eliminated.
  • Viscosity Control – Designed with automatic temperature (viscosity) control, which ensures consistent material flow.
  • Accuracy – CCD vision correction ensures greater fluid dispensing precision.
  • Customization – Selection of dispensing valves to suit your fluid dispensing application.
  • Seamless Process – Productivity levels will be enhanced, without any disruptions from PCB warpage.
  • Quality Assurance – Your business can be assured of a high quality solution for your fluid dispensing needs.


  • Underfill
  • BGA Edge Bonding
  • SMT Adhesive Glue Dot Dispensing
  • SMT Solder Paste Dispensing
  • LED Packaging
  • FPC Packaging

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