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moving cutter PCB separator

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moving cutter PCB separator

moving cutter PCB separator


moving cutter PCB separator



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moving cutter PCB separator|PCB separator|PCB cutting machine

moving cutter PCB separator adopts the latest blade-type light weight design, which completes the micro-shear stress cutting stroke at one time, and is suitable for separating PCB circuit boards with V-grooves.

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moving cutter PCB separator and manual PCB cutting machine for PCB printed circuit board

*The round knife rolls to cut the pcbs to guarantee that the electronic components are not hurt.

*The speed of the knife can be adjusted manually.

*The gap between the round knife and straight knife can be adjusted accurately.

*Minimize the cutting press to avoid solder crack.

*This manual moving cutter PCB separator can be customized via the PCB length.

PCB separator standard:


Scope of application

Model number


Separator size


Knife material

imported highspeed steel

Cutting thickness


circular knife size


Cutting PCB Max.length


Machine weight


Packing weight


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