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Select Coat conformal coater

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Select Coat conformal coater

Select Coat conformal coater


Select Coat conformal coater


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ASCEN Technology

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Select Coat conformal coater Description:

Select Coat conformal coater, Selecting Coating Machine ?PCB conformal coating machine ? conformal coating equipment ? PCB Surface coating machine

Select Coat conformal coater is being rampantly used in various industries like the automotive, aviation, marine and medical. An efficient PCB protection will have good electrical characteristics, low moisture permeability, good chemical resistance and mechanical integrity. Most importantly, conformal coating film must combine well with the PCB.

Providing unique conformal coating equipment for all of the different coating material technologies is one of ASCEN Technologies specialties.We can provide custom conformal coating machine for any PCB conformal coating application process.As part of that turn key solution we can offer packages of equipment for PCB conformal coating process production line,It include the PCB Conformal coating equipment,UV curing oven,PCB UV inspection conveyor,UV light conveyor.

This allows ASCEN to offer the complete PCB selective conformal coating equipment at a discount to customers to ensure that they receive the best deal possible.

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Our intelligent solution will surprise to you!

There are various options available for PCB protective coatings made of conventional, as well as new materials. Considering the end use application is vital for making the appropriate selection. For example, silicone and not acrylic circuit board coating is the ideal choice for the automotive industry or the UV cured PCB protection is not advisable for an assembly with high profile components.

Select Coat conformal coater​ Main Features: 

1.X, Y, Z, and three-axis movements enable accurate selective spraying of various PCB boards away from uncoated areas such as connectors.

2.Accurately achieve a variety of circuit board selective area spraying.

3.It can realize multi-track spraying such as spot coating, line spraying and curve spraying, and can complete the spraying process of high-density and complex circuit boards.

4.It can effectively and evenly coat the edge of the device, eliminating the shadowing effect of spraying.

5.The system accuracy is ±0.01 mm.

6.Whole plate conformal coating machine with high speed, high reliability, high stability of the drive and control system.

7.There are three types of precision nozzles available for customers to choose from. The standard equipment also carries two nozzles. This two nozzles can realize automatic switching and cooperation of spraying operations, and can achieve high-density and complex circuit board spraying and dispensing processes.

8.The device is equipped with intelligent automatic widening and narrowing functions (the width of the input board can be adjusted automatically).

9.Programming mode: software program with data input automatic programming; handle manually enter any track automatic programming mode

10.Select Coat conformal coater with the waste gas collection,educator,which reduce the iritant gas discharge fficiently.

Select Coat conformal coater​ Specifications:

Model(ASCEN PCB coating machine)






Moving parts

X,Y,Z axis sever motor driving

Control mode

Industrial PC & Motion Controller


Manual Teaching Or CAD Data Imported

Program capacity


PCB conveyor height


Operation System

Industrial IPC With WINDOWS XP System/Above

Conveyor speed


Conveyor direction

L to R, R to L

Conveyor motor

Two stepper motors

PCB Max. size


PCB width adjustment way

Manual adjust

PCB height

Max 70mm

Width adjustment mode

Smart auto adjust

Adjustment drive mode

Stepper motor+ double screw rod

X, Y, Z drive mode

Japan Fuji servo motor+ accurate screw rod module

X, Y, Z max speed


X/Y working precision


Z working precision


PCB Max.component height



One spray valve, one needle valve

Charging bucket

One 10L stainless steel pressure tank with stir function+ one little stainless steel pressure tank for cleaning

Cleansing function


Illumination function


Inspection way

LED UV inspection available





Air pressure


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