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We are professional PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen China, reliable circuit board supplier-SysPCB. We offer Metal Core PCB, High-Tg PCB, Heavy copper PCB, High frequency PCB, Mixed Dielectric base PCB etc.


Shenzhen SYS Technology Co., Ltd. is a Manufacturer specializing in single sided PCB, Double Side PCB, Multi-Layer PCB and Aluminum PCB. We provide PCB Assembly, ODM, and OEM service. We specialize in full surface mount and through hole PCBA assembly, sourcing components, making prototype quantities and testing. Welcome to our web:

We provide high quality, very competitive price and rapidly PCB service, and we are meet different requirements of techniques and customers needs.

We have advantage at double sides, four layers, multi-layers (1-26 layers)

Our quality assurance: UL, RoHS compliance. We look forward to receiving your enquiry with Gerber file, and assure you that your requirements will have our best and prompt attention.

Our Services

1. Quality

Focuses on exceptional quality and precision. We believe that high quality Circuit and parts are not the result of diligent quality assurance and inspection alone, but starts with a well organized and well managed manufacturing system. Therefore quality is controlled from the inception of the PCB design throughout the entire sourcing and manufacturing procedure all the way to final delivery.

2. On-Time Delivery

Clear orders and effective communication helps reduce misinformation resulting in inaccuracies and loss in lead time. All our staff communicates quickly on the job in order to ensure a smooth flow of operation. In special circumstances, arrangements of double shifts or overtime shifts are implemented in order to meet our customer’s emergency lead time


We take pride that we can provide such a wide breadth of PCB manufacturing services. We can provide precision PCB with Max 26layers and have the production capabilities of 30000 square meter /month. We can also provide fpcb and special material pcb.

4. Service Support

Our team has been trained in management, design and processing for many years. They not only work as per the customer’s requirements and instructions, but can also share their rich work experiences by suggesting value-added recommendations with the customer throughout the entire project.

Shenzhen SYS Technology CO., Ltd Postings

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4 Layer Rigid-Flexible PCB

Flex part 2Layer PCB Polymid PCB thickness: 0.15mm Yellow coverlayer White Silkscreen Surface treatment: ENIG Min Line/space: 6/6mil Min hole: 4mil Rigid part 6Layer PCB...

Fabrication Services

4 Layer Rigid-Flexible PCB

FPCB prototyping Service from SysPCB Shenzhen China

Compared to conventional rigid PCB, FPC is not frequently needed from SysPCB. Because it is only used under occasions of bending or with thickness requirements. But it is a trend as smart phone and electrical watch is on market now, in these devic...


FPCB prototyping Service from SysPCB Shenzhen China

ENIG FR4 Power supply PCB shenzhen maker

4Layer PCB TG≥135 degree PCB thickness: 1.6mm Copper thickness:4OZ Green solder mask White silkscreen Surface treatment: ENIG Min Line/space: 20/20mil Min hole: 28m...


ENIG FR4 Power supply PCB shenzhen maker
Voidless Reflow Soldering

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